Soup €5.50

Chef’s soup of the day served with homemade bread
(Please ask your server for allergen advice)


Brie (1,3,7) €7.25

Deep fried brie with green salad, cranberry & chilli chutney


Calamari (1,4) €7.50

Deep fried squid rings coated in spicy flour, red pepper & lime coulis


Mushrooms (1,3,7) €6.95

Button mushrooms stuffed with garlic & cream cheese, garlic aoili


Chicken(7,9) €7.25

Crispy chicken wings in homemade sauce, tzatziki & celery sticks


Pork €7.95

Tender ribs in homemade sticky marinade, mixed baby leaves, pineapple salsa


Fish Cakes (1,3,4) Healthy Option €7.95

Mix baby leaves, mango, lime & tequila dressing


Prawns (2) Healthy Option €9.95

Lemongrass marinated char grilled prawns,mix leaves, coriander & lime dressing


Caesar Salad (1,2,3,7) €7.25

Maincourse (choose 1 side) €15.50
With Cajun Chicken (Choose 1 side)€17.00
With Prawns ( Choose 1 Side)€19.00
Baby gem lettuce, crispy streaky bacon, garlic bread croutons bound in a homemade Caesar dressing, shaved Parmesan


Bruschetta (1,7) €7.95

Tomato relish, Chopped tomato, grilled halloumi, basil pesto


Feta Salad (7,8) Healthy Option €8.25

Maincourse (choose 1 side) €15.95

Feta cheese, olives, mix baby leaves, cherry tomato, onion, cucumber, toasted walnut, olive oil




Chicken Supreme (7) €17.95

Succulent pan roasted supreme of chicken, broccoli florets, mushroom sauce
Choose 1 side dish


Duck €21.95

Pan roasted duck breast, plum puree, fresh baby spinach, honey orange sauce
Choose 2 side dishes


Lamb Rack (7) €21.95

Rack of lamb cooked to your liking, pea & mint puree, glazed carrots, lamb jus
Choose 2 side dishes


10 oz Sirloin Steak (7) €21.95

10 oz Rib Eye Steak (7) €23.50

10 oz Fillet Steak (7)€28.50

Surf & Turf with Prawns (2,7) Add €5.00


Chargrilled steaks, balsamic glazed portobello mushroom, green beans, brandy pepper sauce/garlic butter/ mushroom sauce
Choose 2 side dishes


Belly of Pork (7,11) €18.95

Slow cooked pork belly roulade, mix berry puree, grilled courgette, whiskey cream sauce
Choose 1 side dish


Boiled Beef (9) Healthy Option €18.95

Boiled Beef Cubes, seasonal vegetables, baby potatoes in homemade stock.
Choose 1 side dish


Lamb Shank  (7,9) €17.50

Braised shank of lamb, creamy mashed potatoes, lamb gravy
Choose 1 side dish


Asian Stir Fry (1,2) Healthy Option

Asian vegetables wok fried with chefs homemade stir fry sauce, basmati rice/egg noodles/handcut chips.
Vegetable €14.95
Chicken €17.95
Beef €18.95
Prawn €20.95


Thai Green Curry (2,7)

Asian Green curry with chefs homemade sauce,basmati rice or chips
Vegetable €14.95
Chicken €17.95
Beef €18.95
Prawn €20.95


Fajitas (1,7)

Sliced vegetables tossed in homemade Mexican fajita sauce served on a sizzler with tortilla bread, sour cream, tomato salsa, jalapeno, guacamole & cheese.
Vegetable €15.95
Chicken €18.95
Beef €19.95
Prawn €21.95



Fettucine pasta, basil cream sauce, chicken, chorizo, shallots, sundried tomato,baby spinach, rocket leaves, shaved Parmesan.
Vegetable €15.50
Chicken €17.95
Prawn €20.95


 Duck Confit ( 7) €19.50

Bubble and squeak crushed potatoes, orange sauce
Choose 1 side dish


Fish and Chips (1,3,4,7) €17.95

Seasoned cod fillets deep fried in beer batter, pea puree, tartare sauce, handcut chips


Hake (4,7) €18.95

Pan roasted fillet of Hake, roast mediterranean vegetables, tarragon cream sauce, vine tomatoes
Choose 1 side dish


Cod (1,4) Healthy Option €19.50

Pan roasted fillet of Cod, cous cous salad, roast vine tomato, sauce vierje
Choose 1 side dish


Goats Cheese (7) €15.95

Warm Goats Cheese Salad, roast mediterranean vegetables,mixed baby leaves,balsamic dressing
Choose 1 side dish

Side Orders €3.50

Creamy Mashed Potatoes(7)
Garlic Potatoes (7)
Handcut Chips
Baby Boiled Potatoes
House Salad(10)
Onion Rings(1,3)

Vegetable Medley
Glazed Carrots (7)
Handcut Chips
Sautè Mushrooms(7)
Sautè Onions(7)
Sweet Potato Wedges


1 Gluten
2 Crustaceans
3 Eggs
4 Fish
5 Peanuts
6 Soybeans
7 Milk

8 Nuts
9 Celery
10 Mustard
11 Sesame Seeds
12 Sulphur Dioxide
13 Lupin
14 Molluscs